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Carbon Monoxide Detectors
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Back in the 1970s and 1980s people began installing smoke detectors in their homes. Technological advances had made it so a reliable smoke detection device could be bought and installed for just a few bucks. People were slow to use them at first, but as time went by and lives were saved they became ubiquitous. There were even stories of smoke detectors wrapped as gifts under Christmas trees being activated and saving lives! These days I rarely go into a home (as a Chimney Sweep or Firefighter) where smoke detectors are not in use.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors on the other hand, are still missing from many homes. Carbon monoxide (unlike smoke from a fire) is a colorless, odorless product of the combustion process that can be deadly. In the chimney business we see CO entering homes through clogged or breached chimney flues. On average, we probably see 15 - 20 dangerous CO situations each year due to a malfunctioning heating unit or chimney.
In our town - Weston, CT - there is now an ordinance requiring carbon monoxide detectors in every home. Many other forward thinking communities around the world are adopting similar legislation to help protect their residents from needless illness and death. Just like smoke detectors back in the 70s, these days there is no excuse not to have CO detectors on every floor in your home.
Okay, enough said - If you don't have them you have a moral responsibility (to yourself and your family) to buy and install them today...