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Fireplace Dampers
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Your fireplace damper is not just for opening and closing the flue. It can also be used to meter down the draft flow during the fire. Done correctly, you can keep a lot more heat down in your home. Be careful not to damp the draft down too much though, because smoke will begin to back out into the room!

Lyemance Damper
This damper is a great way to upgrade your ability to easily and effectively close the chimney flue off from the elements.

Lock Top Damper
This damper acts as a rain cap even when its opened...
When closed, it provides an air tight seal!

Vestal Throat Dampers

Conventional Throat Dampers
We are authorized installers for most fireplace damper manufacturers.

Damper malfunctions are usually due to a mis-alignment between the damper plate and its frame. This can normally be corrected easily and for a minimal service charge. The most important thing you need from your damper is for it to reliably stay open during the fire. A damper than can fall shut (especially if you're not there to notice it right away) can create a big smoke and corbon monoxide hazard. When you open your damper before lighting the fire, be sure to jiggle it around a little in order to test its ability to stay open and out of the way.